MICE Services

The term MICE, coined from meetings, incentive travels, conventions and exhibitions, has gained its popularity in China since the mid 1980′s.The phenomenal growth in the number and diversity of MICE has given rise to new business opportunities and tourism implications. MICE management has become recognized as a separate field of study in a growing number of educational institutions.

A “meeting” can be defined as an event at which people gathere from afar, exchange messsages, and make decisions. However, it is too generic a term to be inclusive.This is partly because there are diverse meeting needs,ranging from international conferences to corporate training sessions, and partly because the emerging technologies make it possible for people to see each other without meeting face-to-face.


Anyway, be it a convention or seminar, the importance of such an event lies not only in what is said from the platform but also in the total atmosphere of the event. Furthermore,feeling elated at the end of a meeting does not make cret to the increased number and diversity of meetings alone. Meetings, especially at the international level, are inherently information-oriented and problem solving. Experience needs to be shared, as does the knowledge about the world and human being themselves. Everything can be the topic of a meeting.

MICE is (a new) word, which stands for Meeting, Incentive travel, Convention/Conference and Event/Exhibition. In contrast to normal group travel, the tour has a goal (purpose). While the goal (purpose) may differ depending on the company, MICE has attracted attention in recent years as a corporate strategy placing emphasis on achieving goals..

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