Muslim wedding

The weddings of Muslims are very much known for welcoming as well as inviting the guests. The rituals Muslim Wedding (Nikah) are mainly for the three days. The weddings will be arranged in a grand way and bride, groom, their family members, relatives as well as friends will be present to enjoy the marriage through various rituals. The venue of the marriage of Muslims is nothing particular as such it can be carried out in either of their houses. The marriage of the Muslims will reflect the expression of love.

The pre Muslim Wedding (Nikah) rituals include mehendi ceremony which is basically held at the brides place. In this the bride will be applied turmeric paste to bring glow and >after that mehendi will be applied on her hands. The traditional songs will be sung by the women attending this ceremony. After this ceremony the bride is not allowed to step out of the house till the day of marriage. Another pre marriage ceremony is Mahr which is basically welcoming baraat. The groom will arrive at the marriage place along with the baraat. In this the groom will share a drink of sherbet with the brother of the bride or relative. The sister of the bride plays pranks with those that have arrived along with the flower bouquets.

On the day of marriage the Maulvi or priest with the close family members as well as relatives will take the hold of the Nikaah. The traditional ritual of the Muslims is that in the marriage women and men sit separately. The major role in the wedding will be played by the Walis who is the father of the bride and that of the bridegroom. The Maulvi will actually say out some of the quran verses and after Ijab-e-qubul the Nikaah is considered to be completed. In this basically the groom proposes and the bride will give her acceptance.

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