Types of Wedding

hindu Weddings

Whenever you think of a Hindu Wedding the first thing that comes to your mind is the joy and enthusiasm among the bride, .

Arya Smaj weddings

Many individuals these days aspire to have a dream wedding which involves lot of money and also lavishness.

Muslim weddings

The weddings of Muslims are very much known for welcoming as well as inviting the guests. The rituals Muslim Wedding (Nikah)

Gujarati weddings

Have you ever attended a Gujarati wedding? Well if no then you have certainly missed something full of joy and fun.

Punjabi weddings

Marriage is the most auspicious and sacred ceremonies of Indian culture and it depict the true heritage.

South Indian

Weddings are said to be made in marriage itself and they are celebrated with a great joy.Weddings are said to be made in ..


‘Maharashtrian wedding is a ceremony where not only the couple but their families are bound together. A male and female from ..

Bangali weddings

There is a very prominent proverb which states that marriages are made in heave but then these marriages are the ones that are.....

Christian weddings

A wedding is said to be a very pure and jolly ritual. It is a very sacred system that has been into existence from centuries..

Kerala weddings

Getting married is the most wonderful feeling not just for the couple who is getting married but then also for their parents.

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