Floral Decoration – Sangeet Ceremony Ideas!

Floral decorations can add a beautiful, romantic touch to any sangeet ceremony. Whether you are looking to create a stunning backdrop, table centrepieces, or an embellished floral arch, floral decorations can be a great way to bring a bit of colour and beauty to your ceremony. When it comes to creating the perfect floral decorations for your sangeet ceremony, the colours and motifs you choose are very important. If you are looking for something simple but still eye-catching, you could opt for a combination of bright and colourful flowers in shades of pink, red and yellow for a cheerful and fun feel. For a more traditional look, opt for white and ivory tones with a hint of deep purple or blue for a classic and elegant sangeet ceremony. Well, we are having a lot of ideas for you. So keep on reading to know about it!

7 floral decoration ideas:

Floral decorations play a huge role in creating a special, romantic atmosphere and making your celebration stand out. Here are 7 floral decoration ideas you should consider for your sangeet ceremony that will ensure your wedding decor is truly memorable.

1. Spicy Chandelier:

A stunning floral chandelier is the perfect way to dress up your sangeet ceremony. Choose a beautiful combination of roses, dahlias, and other flowers in your favorite colors to add an extra spark of flair to your wedding decorations. You can even add some extra color and sparkle with hanging beads or lights and strings of fabric.

2. Floral Wall:

You can create an impactful floral wall to increase the beauty of your sangeet ceremony. For this idea, you can choose a bunch of intertwined colorful flowers and hang them from a wall to create a beautiful backdrop for your guests to admire.

3. Anchoring Trees:

If you’re having an outdoor sangeet, anchor trees are the perfect way to show off your wedding decor. Create a grand entrance with multi-leveled anchoring trees that display bundled or cascaded flowers in various shades.

4. Floral Hanging:

Create an interesting floral style by stringing flowers in different heights along the walls or doors. You can use different types of flowers for a unique effect.

5. Petal Pathway:

Nothing creates a dramatic entrance like a rose petal walkway. Create a special path from where the couples enter the sangeet venue to the stage. Display a combination of different colored flowers along the sides of the path and use a variety of petal designs to make the path special.