Sangeet Entrance Decorations!

Sangeet is an Indian event where friends and family come together to celebrate the union of two people prior to the wedding. Sangeet entrance decorations are the perfect way to set the tone for the night and welcome your guests. From creating twinkling pathways to using bright colors, an entrance arch can be the perfect representation of a joyous occasion and the beauty of Indian wedding traditions. That’s why we have come up with some great ideas for you all! 

Ideas to consider:

Making a grand entrance at the sangeet is always one of the highlights of any wedding function. The couple’s entrance is the first reveal of the wedding celebration. Therefore, it should be grand and impressive to make the special day even more memorable. Here’s a list with 8 ideas that can help you make your sangeet entrance decorations jaw-dropping.

1) Floral Ambience-

To create an unforgettable sangeet entrance, covering the space with lots of flowers will be an excellent choice. You can combine two or more colours of flowers to create a unique ambience. The entrance should be decorated with red roses and yellow lilies, and you should use ribbons and drapes to cover the entrance.

2) Traditional Touch-

You can give your entrance a traditional twist by decorating it with the traditional motifs and prints like the Indian ‘Punjabi Ghungroo’ or the classic gold elephant statues. You can also use hanging ornaments like lanterns, strings or bells with traditional designs.

3) Candle-Lit Entrance-

To have an intimate and romantic atmosphere around your entrance, you can incorporate candles as your entrance decorations. Place some candles outside the entrance and create a wow factor with pendant lamps and chandeliers.