2024 'S Easy Arabic Mehndi Designs Front Hand and Back Hand for the Wedding Season

Bridal Mehendi is an essential “Shringar” for a bride that adds the essence of traditions and culture to any Indian wedding. Among various mehendi styles, an Easy Arabic mehndi designs front hand stands out for its elegance and simplicity. Featuring bold, flowing patterns, Arabic mehendi is perfect for you if you want a beautiful yet uncomplicated design. 

In the following sections, we'll present a collection of Easy Arabic Mehndi designs front hand and back hand, each unique and perfect for different occasions. Whether you're a bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest, these designs will surely inspire you for your next Indian wedding. 

8 Latest Arabic mehendi designs for the 2024-25 Wedding Season

1. Floral Designs with Bold Lines

If you are looking for Easy mehndi Arabic designs for the front hand, you can get this design done by your mehendi artist. This one combines flowers with bold lines, giving good colour and density after you rinse your hands. 

This can be a perfect design for both the front and back of your hands, for you as a bride, bridesmaid, or if you wish to attend a close one’s wedding. 

2. Multiple Motifs, Bold lines and Intricate details

This simple mehandi Arabic design has flowers, motifs, and line patterns. Along with bold border lines, it has intricate details that give it a beautiful effect. 

If you are a modern bride looking for minimal mehendi designs, this one is for you. It is simple but equally gorgeous for any wedding you attend. 

3. Stunning Repetitive Patterns

Many Arabic mehendi designs consist of repetitive patterns, like the one below. It has similar circular designs with intricate dots and leaf work. This looks stunning and is an excellent option for minimal brides who don’t want traditional mehendi but don’t want a lot of negative space.

You can customise this and replace these circles with other patterns and motifs to give it a touch of creativity. 

4. Arabic Mehendi design with a twist

If you don’t want a traditional mehendi design and are looking for some unique Arabic mehendi designs, this is a reference you can consider as a guest at a wedding. This one has significant squares, small flowers, and leaves, unlike other designs. 

The boxes are filled with intricate details that look pretty. However, you can also fill some boxes with personalised details, like your wedding hashtags or your partner's name. 

5. Almost Traditional Arabic Mehendi

If you love traditional designs but don’t want to fill your entire hand with them, you can consider Arabic designs. These Arabic designs have little negative space compared to other ones. 

This is a perfect balance of traditional and Arabic mehendi design in which your hands are full but not that full. 

6. Like Arabian, But Different

Arabic mehendi designs are applied in a single line from top to bottom. However, henna is an art, and the scope of the experiment is limitless. You can apply henna in a different way. For example, the image below shows the design not applied in one line but in different parts of the hands. This fills up the hand properly while also leaving some negative space.

7. Simple Arabic Mehendi Design for feet

Arabic mehendi is not just for your hands. You can get this henna art applied on your feet. Most brides apply traditional mehendi on both feet, which looks stunning as it covers their entire feet until their ankles. 

However, if you are a minimal bride looking for simple yet intricate designs, you can get such designs as a bride or wedding guest. 

8. Mehendi Not so Mehendi

Now, so many people want to apply henna but hate the smell of it or can’t wait hours to let it dry. In this case, such minimal mehendi designs can be tried. They take very little time to get colour and are very minimal for girls who don’t like getting it, but the wedding is in their family.

Such designs look stylish yet very elegant and even go most indo-western outfits.

Are you still looking for simple mehandi Arabic designs for front hand ?

Henna is an important part of Indian weddings, whether you are a bride, groom, or wedding guest. It is considered auspicious and is counted in the 16 shringars a bride does on her wedding day. 

There are various types of henna art; the most popular ones are traditional and Arabic. Where the traditional one fills up your hands and feet, the Arabic one leaves negative space on your body. If you search on Google for “Mehandi Arabic design simple,” you can consider these designs. For more such inspiration, you can always explore Pinterest. 

Finally, we hope we have helped you solve your query in any way we can. We are wedding planners in Jaipur who help people plan their dream weddings. For more queries, contact us today.