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Welcome to Fiestro Events, the best exhibitions & conferences organizers in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) you can rely on.

Fiestro Events is a prominent event management company with impressive existence since 2013. The company provides state-of-art exhibitions and conferences management services in India. As of today, Fiestro Events has become a brand to make any business promotion event like exhibition, conference, seminar, product launch show etc a roaring success to be widely-noticed by media and stakeholders.

Fiestro Events Maximizes The Exhibition Benefits For Your Business

The top eight benefits of exhibitions experienced by most of the businesses include

1. Generating high potential leads

2.  Learning gaps for improvement

3. Brand repute strengthening

4.  Inventing new ways to grow based on gathered information

5. Personalized marketing to know the end-users

6.  Identification of new potential for network expansion

7  Awareness of competitors’ activities

8. Exposure to the target market and new emerging challenges

We have years’ experience in organizing and managing the exhibitions at all the prominent destinations in India. We are well aware of the best seasons and occasions to organize or participate in an exhibition at a particular place. We have in-depth knowledge and experience to maximize the benefits of trade shows/exhibitions participation by choosing the best from the long list of opportunities. Our dedicated experts make all the arrangements for exhibition participation on a turnkey basis without involving you much. Following are just a few to name of exhibitions for which we can make your presence the best noticed and results- delivering:

1 .Business Opportunities Show in Jaipur

2. Jewellers Association Show (JAS), Jaipur

3. WMNC Processing Technology Expo, Jaipur

4. Paschmi Rajasthan Udyog Hastshilp Utsav Jodhpur

5. India Brand Expo, New Delhi

6. Bridal Asia, New Delhi


8. Gifts World Expo (GWE), Delhi

9. Indexpo, Aurangabad

10. Glass & Aluminium Expo, Ahmedabad

Fiestro Events – The Best Performing Conference Organizer in Rajasthan


The success of conferences and conventions boosts the growth prospects and growth potential of businesses. We, as being the top performance-oriented conference organizers in Jaipur, help you fine- tune the conference/convention management in a hassle-free manner. We have in-depth knowledge of the latest trade practices applied to make conferences and conventions a gala success delivering the future promising benefits; therefore, our involvement as a conference management agency brings in additional service advantages:

 Professionally planned for a particular purpose including inviting the famed speakers

 Assuring maximum participation through the online and offline promotion .

  Designing conference collateral, signage, and other advertising material for branding

 Ideal atmosphere for each event with optimized use of technology

 Finding a corporate sponsor

 The comfort of attendees for communication, stay, transportation etc

 In-door arrangements like broadband connection, teleconferencing facilities, high-end audio- visual equipment, security etc

 Effective pre- and post-event follow-ups

 Re-usable database creation

Benefits Of Destination Conferences- Fiestro Events Adds Values To Each


Destination conferences are trending high in all the business sectors because of being more awarding. There is an often neglected line between the meetings and conferences. The conference is larger in scope and size both than the meeting. When you organize a conference at a pleasant destination other than the base station of your business, you get multiple hidden advantages like

 Guests feel more relaxed upon the arrival

 Destination conference builds excitement

  Creative ideas float in a new environment

 The perfect environment for team building

 More space to make it activities oriented

 Leave long-lasting memories for the guests

We offer the Top Exhibition and Conference Venues and Halls in India


As being the top event management company in Jaipur for over the years, Fiestro Events facilitates you to choose the best suitable exhibition venue and exhibition hall across India. We guarantee for the lowest price even for the sizzling exhibitions/conferences destinations in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa, New Delhi, and other promising states of India. Our reputation as the leading exhibition organiser in Jaipur benefits you to showcase your products/services at the most prominent exhibition venues in Rajasthan and other states of choice. Similarly, as a fast-growing event management agency in India, we offer the best conference destinations in India. We keep on exploring new destinations to showcase your products and to strengthen the brand repute trough conferences and conventions. Whether you choose us as medical conference organizer or education/technology conference organizer, our list of destinations and venues for conferences and exhibitions is ever-expanding:

 Fortune Select Metropolitan, Jaipur

 Harmony Blue Udaipur


 The Fern Residency, Jodhpur

 The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru

 Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar

 Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre

 Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi

 Grand Hyatt, Goa

 Shri Krishna Memorial Hall, Patna …. others

Why Hire Fiestro Events As Conference/Exhibition Management Agency


A Conferences and exhibitions are organized to hit the certain goals that can’t be hit in conventional manner of communication. The importance of smooth travel, comfortable stay, purpose-oriented participation, and memorable experience can’t be underestimated; here comes the role of a professional conference travel agency. When you trust our capability and expertise as a conference/exhibition management agency, you can be sure for seeing your business interests taking shape. Our dedicated experts make difference to your experience from the start till the winding up of the event.

 We help you plan the best for conference/exhibition in line of objectives

 We help you reduce the overall cost of a conference/exhibition considerably

  We help you find the best exhibition halls and exhibition banquets

 We help you streamline operations

 We help you save engagement of your valuable human resources

 We help you provide the best comfort level and operational convenience to delegates

 We help you make the support desk more efficient to address the concerns

 We help you manage unexpected contingencies like strikes, extreme weather, traffic etc

FAQs for Exhibition & Conference Management Services

Q Will you help us as a travel agency also if we hire you as exhibitions & conference organizer?

Yes. We provide comprehensive management services for exhibitions & conferences. Because of being a leading MICE management company, we have time-tested dependable networked arrangements to provide hassle-free transportation for every need.

Q Can you give us an estimate for participating in an exhibition or trade fair?

Yes, we do. Our exhibition management experts will understand your objectives and plans. After agreeing to an action plan, our exhibition planners will prepare an estimate very close to the real cost.

QDo you offer management services for dealers meet in Rajasthan?

We are one of the top event management companies in Rajasthan; we do offer the least priced management services for dealers meet in Rajasthan.

Q How do you do an exhibition?

First, we assess the nature of the exhibition and evaluate it according to the nature of your business type. Then, we chart out a comprehensive plan to estimate the expenses. Once you agree with plan and estimate, we execute our exhibition management services by involving our exhibition experts and listed vendors.

Q What is the best time to organize a conference in Rajasthan?

IAlthough the climate of Rajasthan is best for the conference between October and March; still, we make each event the best comfortable for your guests throughout the year by choosing the destination and venue accordingly.

QCan you organize an entertainment event also along with the conference?

Yes, we have years’ experience in organizing and managing celebrity and artist event.

QIs there any significant difference in management of conference and dealer/distributor meeting?

Yes, the scope and nature of both is different; therefore, management concerns for the both are different. Our commitment to delivering 100% satisfaction by following the robust professional and quality standards is common for both.