Celebrity Artist Events Management


The popularity, impressive branding, noticed presence in the marketplace and drawing the attention of potential buyers are the key ingredients of marketing strategies. The common man tends to follow the lifestyle and saying of the most-liked celebrity or artists taking him or her as his/her idol. Organizing events graced by celebrities and popular artists has been proved as the most effective branding and marketing strategy. Inviting celebrities and popular artists to grace the great occasions like the wedding or inaugurations is an increasingly popular trend; it not only makes the great moments more entertaining for the self and the guest but the well- noticed also. Fiestro Events, as being the fast-growing artist events management company in India, provides the state of the art celebrity and artists management services for over the years to suit the particular objectives, personal/commercial preferences.

Growing Trend of Organizing Celebrity Events in India

Celebrity endorsement has become a key aspect of marketing policies in India too. It might be a surprise for you to know that almost 50% of products/services/brands endorsements in India come from the celebrities as compared to just to 20% in the U.S. Because of increasing penetration of digital TV, social media, other digital video platforms, the success rate and impact value of organizing celebrity events are scaling new heights. Our expertise for celebrity event management in Rajasthan and other states of India drives in great success to give your business objectives an instant boost for whatever may be the occasion like-

  • 1. New brand introduction
  • 2. New product launch in a particular city
  • 3. Award functions at exotic locations
  • 4. Trade shows in Jaipur, Udaipur, and other business enriched cities all across India
  • 5.Corporate outbound events including MICE
  • 6.Annual meetings
  • 7.Dealers meet and encouragement
  • 8.Distributors meet and training ….. others

The growing trend of inviting celebrities is not limited just to business objectives; the charm of finding celebrities, famous artists, and DJ group is equally popular for gracing the personal and social events as well as to make the activities noticed wide. We serve you as artists and celebrity event planner and management agency to grace your-

  • 1. Wedding celebration
  • 2. Ring ceremony
  • 3. Reception party
  • 4. Birthday party
  • 5.DJ dance party
  • 6.Annual meetings
  • 7.New Year's party
  • 8.Christmas party
  • 9.Fundraising party … other

Fiestro Events – A Reliable Celebrity & Artist Event Management Company in Jaipur


Effective talent management needs to address multiple concerns. It needs high-end professionalism, hands-on experience, proven expertise in-depth knowledge, and advanced facilities. Fiestro Events is widely respected as the best artist management company in Rajasthan with experience of promoting numbers of brands by organizing the well-planned gala events fueled by celebrities and artists. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the best celebrity event management agency in Jaipur that serves your business and personal goals at a bare minimum price. Our strong relationships with celebrities and artists as well as their managers make us successful in getting the confirmed bookings.

The Role of Celebrity and Artist Management Agency

For being one of the top celebrity and artist management agencies in India, we plan our event management services to color-up your plans on a wider canvas. What we do for each celebrity and artist powered event is different to distinguish us from the rests and to justify your trust over Fiestro Events as the best celebrity artists events management agency in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India). We believe in transparency; therefore, we understand your requirements and analyze your expectations in black and white. Our roles and responsibilities, for being a premier celebrity- artist events management company in pink city Jaipur, are not limited just to:

  Planning and budgeting

  Communicate with a range of concerned people

  Celebrity/artist engagement, promotion, and appearance

 Planning outstanding Performance/appearance at the event

 Manage travelling and accommodation

 Manage Host and Guest Services

 Manage publicity through multiple channels offline and online

 Organize logistics

 Manage venues and vendors with all the indoor and outdoor arrangements

 Manage security and risks

 Manage confidentiality

 Organizing the entire event in a hassle-free smooth going manner ………. others as you want

Fiestro Events - The Best Agency to Book Celebrity & Artists in India


AWhatsoever your purpose is for organizing a celebrity and artist starred event, we have events planners and management experts to justify your selection of Fiestro Events for inviting, hiring, booking, and managing–

 Celebrity and artist for wedding

 Celebrity and artist for a promotional event

  Celebrity and artist for dealer meet

 Artist for conference

 Best anchor in India

 Professional speaker to empower the message

 Best DJ in Jaipur or India …… others

We have successfully performed up to the expectations of our clients by inviting and booking the intended event celebrity in India or a wedding celebrity in India. Because of our intra-trade relationships, professionalism, and dedicated efforts of specially trained celebrity event management experts, we assure you hiring the best artist or celebrity up to your desires at the lowest price. We invest our best efforts to keep the cost of the artist for corporate event or cost of artist for wedding events at minimum.

Why Choose Fiestro Events as a Celebrity Artist Event Organizers in Rajasthan


Our experience and the numbers of success stories make us a preferred choice for several other reasons also. Our organizational culture to prove ourselves the best at each stage assuring the 100% customer satisfaction taking it above our business interest drive us to perform at par your expectations. For Fiestro Events, the customer comes first. Whatsoever type of celebrity artist event you are planning for personal or commercial interests, we have proven capability to leverage the benefits through our comprehensively planned tailor-made services. Each event irrespective of size and budget is an opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and create a new trend for the events management industry.

 Highest possibility to book celebrity artist on the desired dates

 relationships to hire celebrity artists at the lowest price

  Experience and expertise in destination wedding management

 Specialization in destination corporate event management

 The best venue booking at a reasonable price

 Nationwide network of professionals and vendors

 Unbeatable prices for celebrity artist environment management services

 Minimum involvement of customers ….. others whatever you need, prefer, and expect

FAQs for Celebrity Artist Event Management Services

QHow much does it cost to organize celebrity event for a wedding ceremony?

Yes.Primary, it depends upon your budget. The other factors that impact the cost of organizing a celebrity artist event for a wedding ceremony include fame of the celebrity, type of event, the time required, activity, planed performance and appearance, location etc.

Q What kind of celebrity events does an event management agency in Jaipur handle?

The top event management agencies in Jaipur like Fiestro Events are capable to plan and manage any type of celebrity event for commercial or personal gains; may it be a wedding celebration party or festive celebration or personal achievement celebration or corporate event or business promotion show or product launch.

QCan one celebrity artist event management company handle multiple celebrities and artists?

It depends upon how you hire the best celebrity event management company.

Q Who pays the travel /or accommodation cost of the invited celebrity?

As per standard, this aspect is managed by the hired event management company without bothering the customers.

Q Is it a must to sign a contract with the hired celebrity event organizer?

Yes, it is good practice. It is always recommended to sign a contract detailing the plan, cost, scope, activities, roles, responsibilities, and risk management etc..

QCan you organize an entertainment event also along with the conference?

Yes, we have years’ experience in organizing and managing celebrity and artist event.

QIs there any significant difference in management of conference and dealer/distributor meeting?

Yes, the scope and nature of both is different; therefore, management concerns for the both are different. Our commitment to delivering 100% satisfaction by following the robust professional and quality standards is common for both.