How To Be A Wedding Planner

Wedding is the most important event in one’s life and planning a perfect one can be really a stressful work. A wedding planner can make weddings of their clients really memorable which they can cherish throughout their life. If you want to be one of the best wedding organizers in Jaipur then this article would prove to be really helpful for you.

A successful wedding planner can organize a de-stressed event, where everything is organized and all the people including bride, groom and the guests are happy and enjoying the party. We all know how stressful can a marriage party be, especially for the bride-groom, not only because they are going to enter in to a new phase of their life but they also want everything to be perfect. They want all the functions to be grand, lavish and something that their guests would remember for a long time. If you want to be a wedding planner then you would have to remember all of these. You have to really be sensitive towards their needs and understand what they really want. You would have to be calm and also manage any unwanted situate that might pop up. You might plan all the aspect of the celebration properly, but it might happen that some unwanted situation pop up and things would always not go as planned. You would need to keep your calm then and work accordingly. It is all about managing everything at the correct time and at the correct place. Preparing, thinking quickly, solving problem at an expert level along with some brilliant inter-personal skills are some of the essentialities that you would definitely need when you choose wedding planning as your career.

    • SKILLS OF A WEDDING PLANNER: Wedding planners are hired because people do not wish to take the stress of arranging the perfect wedding and instead they wish to enjoy their special day to the fullest. Some of the aspects of wedding planning can really be rigorous and time-consuming starting from vendor negotiation to budget management and doing proper co-ordination throughout the entire flow the occasion. The management would require you to handle a variety of tasks that can make it successful and you would have to excel in all of those. Some of the strongest skills that you would require in order to hold all of these tasks would include,

    • Negotiation skills

    • Budgeting skills

    • Time management skills

    • Planning the perfect way and organizing accordingly

    • Problem solving skills

    • Networking with all the people that you would require to successfully execute an event

Along with this, you would also need to have some great sense of decorating and styling. You would need to decorate the wedding venue and also incorporate some themes as your customers want it to be. You should also have knowledge about weddings of different traditions and culture and you should also be aware of the customs that are associated with them.


    • Formal education: There are no formal studies that can make you a certified and a good wedding planner. Some people start working after they have successfully organized a family wedding and think that they can choose this as a career. But we would suggest you to first complete your graduation degree. You can take up management as a primary subject to get a bit of taste about the work.

You can also go to colleges that offer courses on the following subjects as they are more or less related to wedding planning

  • Preparation of food for the events that are catered

  • Promotion of different types of events.

  • Negotiating skills and agreements

  • Production of different kinds of concerts and events

After you have completed that, you can associate yourself with a wedding planning company and see how they actually manage everything. This would give you the idea along with the contact that is needed to set up your own wedding organization business. But do remember, it is not like a fixed office 9-5 job. You would have to face different challenges and also have to work during holidays. Once you are confident that you have a fair idea, knowledge and confidence to work on your own, you can think about starting your own company.