Indian Wedding Matching Bride and Groom Dress Colour Combination You Can't-Miss

Every Indian wedding is a grand celebration that represents varied cultures and traditions. One important and exciting aspect of an Indian wedding is the bride and groom’s outfits. Matching or complementary wedding outfits enhance the visual appeal and symbolize unity.

If you are getting married soon and looking for an Indian wedding matching bride and groom dress colour combination, rest assured, we are here to help. Our seasoned stylists, with their wealth of experience, will guide you in choosing the best outfits that make you look like a harmonious team on your big day.

Here are some references for matching wedding outfits.

Indian Wedding Matching Bride and Groom Dress Colour Combination

1. Classic Red and Ivory

In Hindi culture, red holds a profound significance. It represents the goddess Lakshmi, who protects her husband Vishnu from all evil. This is why red, the oldest colour preference for Indian brides on their wedding day, is not just a colour but a symbol of love, protection, and auspiciousness deeply rooted in our culture. 

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A vibrant red lehenga or saree adorned with intricate gold embroidery is a classic choice for the bride. The groom can complement this with an ivory or gold sherwani paired with a lehenga-matching turban and dupatta. This combination looks regal and symbolises the unity and harmony of your relationship.

Apart from red, there are different reds available in the market. You can choose cherry red, bright red, light red or any shade best for your wedding dress.

2. Deep Marron and Cream

Like classic red, maroon is a second favourite wedding colour because it represents joy, luck, and prosperity. If you want to be a traditional bride and groom, a combination of maroon and gold will look stunning.

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A bride can wear a maroon lehenga or saree with zari work. In contrast, a groom can wear a cream-coloured sherwani, maroon turban, dupatta, and minimal accessories to complement the bride.

Pro tip: You can do vice versa to try something unique that many couples don’t. For example, a groom can wear a maroon sherwani with a hint of cream details, and a bride can wear a cream-coloured lehenga with maroon/ red embroidery, dupatta, and jewellery. 

3. All Beige Beauty

Beige is a soft, elegant shade that creates a serene and romantic atmosphere, ideal for a fairytale wedding. If you are a modern bride and groom planning a day wedding, then beige outfits are perfect for you. 

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A bride can wear a beige lehenga or a saree with golden intricate embroidery. You can wear heavy jewellery with a hint of colours like mint green, maroon or red to balance the outfit. A groom can wear a classic beige sherwani with a matching dupatta with zari work or embroidered details.

4. Shades of Pink

Like beige, pink is a soft shade you can consider for your wedding dress if you think red or maroon is too much for you. Brides can wear a light pink lehenga with dark pink and gold embroidery, while the groom can wear an ivory sherwani with a matching pink turban and dupatta. 

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This pink matching bride and groom dress colour combination is perfect for daytime weddings and creates a sense of joy, freshness and purity. 

5. Lavender Love

Lavender or lilac are fairytale shades that can’t look bad. It is a soft shade of purple that represents feminity and grace. If planned properly, a lavender colour-matching outfit for a wedding can be trend-setting.

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A bride can wear a lavender shade chiffon or georgette lehenga with mirror and stone work to use lavender hues. You can keep the dupatta as plain as possible to let the colour shine in daylight. Moreover, a groom can wear a gold or beige sherwani with matching lavender dupatta to complement her bride’s outfit.

6. Orange Is The New Red

After the release of the song Kudmayi in Rocky Rani ki Prem Kahani, orange has become the OG bridal colour. It is a vibrant shade that exudes joy and confidence while keeping the vibes cheerful and lively.

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If you are a bride-to-be, you can wear an orange lehenga with zari or sequin work to add a luxury feel to your bridal look. On the other hand, the groom can wear an ivory sherwani with an ivory dupatta but with a hint of orange embroidery on the corners. To amp up the look, a matching turban for the groom will complete this luxurious colour combination. 

7. All White Wonder

With modern-day weddings and advanced concepts, white is no longer associated with sadness and melancholy. Instead, it is a soothing shade representing purity, faith, and calmness.

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If white is your favourite colour and you wish to wear it on your D-day, just go for it. As a bride-to-be, you can wear an all-white lehenga with sequin work to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your wedding day. The groom can also wear a white sherwani with a white dupatta and turban.

Are you still, looking for an Indian wedding matching bride and groom dress colour combination?

Everybody’s wedding day is special, and it takes months of preparation to look good on that one single day. In between all this, the bride and groom’s wedding outfits should be pre-planned to ensure everything is on point.

To look like a team on their special day, brides and grooms can wear matching wedding outfits. From red and ivory to all-white outfits, there are so many stunning combinations available. 

If you are still confused and need expert advice, contact our Jaipur wedding planners today.