Wedding Planner In Jaipur

Waiting for the dream wedding to become a reality? Have a plan and multitude of ideas but do not know how to go about it ?What if we told you that we will help you achieve the impossible? Planning for a destination wedding at Jaipur? Who better than us! As one of the leading Wedding Planners in Jaipur, we surely are your go-to people.

From that perfect bridal entrance to the groom riding that carriage, we make that fairy tale come true for you. As a top-notch wedding planner in Jaipur, we stretch our boundaries to make the day as dreamy as you wish it to be. Be it finding that perfect lehenga, arranging world class make-up artists, henna designers, choreographers for your sangeet and other events, we arrange it all. Sit back and enjoy that cuppa coffee. Your wedding planner in Jaipur is here to take care of the rest!

One of the major attractions of our wedding planning comprises that grand entrance decoration where we have the mahout manning the howdah. You have the options of making that your crazy and bridal entry or even the commuting mode for the baarat.

Entrance decoration by Fiestro Events: We give you the best of all. Caterers, florists, artists, stylists, entertainers and skilled assistants who are available round the clock to make you and guests feel comfortable throughout the events. Need that master of ceremonies to keep everyone hooked and put up a brilliant show? Count on us as your wedding planner in Jaipur.

  • Colors, culture, beauty, and fun all culminated in one single package, stop hunting for that wedding planner In Jaipur for we offer the best deals in the city of palaces. Extraordinary weddings need the talent to make it a memorable deal. We offer the best wedding photographers, videographers, who would encapsulate your memories in those glossy wedding albums. Pre-wedding photo shoots and videos are the new age wedding demands. Nary a chance that you would miss that!

    Wedding venues set up the mood for that ceremony. If it isn’t accessible or too crowded, getting your guests to enjoy become quite challenging. We bring you the explicitly booked palaces, hotels and the venue that you lay that finger on. Be it a contemporary modern wedding or a traditional-back-to-your-roots kind of wedding, your wedding planner in Jaipur is going to clutch that deal, just for you!

  • Lights and ambiance by Fiestro Events: Light up that palace in the evening to make the gorgeous entrance and make everyone look up to you in awe. Be it a floral spread or that fairy-lights chador, a horse-drawn carriage or just a royal palki that speaks volumes, pick out your wedding fetish and consider it done! Evenings those are lit with glamour and entertaining features are bound to make your feet tap. With the best DJs, musicians and folk artists, we make your wedding one of a kind.

    Still wondering which wedding planner in Jaipur do you go for? Who other than us! Either you opt for others or just go for the best, US!!!