7 Simple Ideas for Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration

The Haldi ceremony is a joyful pre-wedding function in India filled with laughter, love, and vibrant colours. Decorating the venue for Haldi can elevate the ambiance and create lifetime memories. You can ditch the yellows and experiment with different colors or choose yellow and add various elements. Whether your Haldi Function is at home or a stunning venue, you can plan your background Haldi ceremony decoration. From deciding the colour theme to adding certain elements, you can turn your Haldi decor into one aesthetic ambiance. 

Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Here are 5 top elements that you can add to your Haldi decoration that will take the aesthetics to the next level.

1. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are often associated with beauty, fertility, and new beginnings. Incorporating them in your Haldi Decor symbolizes the purity and auspiciousness of the occasion. 

Moreover, fresh flowers instantly enhance the visual appeal of the venue, adding vibrant colours, and aromatic scents to the overall ambience. Whether it's marigolds or any other flowers, selecting specific flowers allows you to personalize your Haldi decor according to your theme, vision and style.

Most people like using traditional marigolds in their decor as their colour goes well with the natural theme of the ceremony. You can also pick other complementary colors with yellow like white, green or pastels to experiment while sticking to the natural theme. 

2. Banana Tree

If you are looking for some unique Haldi decor elements, then adding banana trees to the decor is the perfect choice. Banana trees symbolize prosperity, fertility, and abundance, along with adding good luck to the festive atmosphere. 

Banana trees as a decor element add natural beauty and greenery to the decor. Its lush leaves enhance the ambience, bringing a sense of freshness to the surroundings.

If you wish to add a natural yet cultural touch to your Haldi decor, then banana trees are a great option. 

3. Printed Backdrop

The next element in your background haldi ceremony decoration can be printed fabric backdrops. These backdrops are personalised as you can choose any colour or print according to your style, preference and theme.

For reference, the above Haldi pictures have a banana tree printed backdrop which is placed at the back, behind banana trees. As the decor included only two banana trees, the similar printed backdrop gave an idea of multiple trees that looked good.

For other themes, you can choose various colours and styles that complement your theme. 

4. Brass Plates

Ditch the sofas and chairs and let brass plates do their magic. Yes, with new decor elements in haldi decoration, one such option is Brass plates where the couple sit during the ritual and everyone else applies turmeric paste on their body. 

These brass plates not only go well with the decor but also look stunning in the wedding pictures and videos. This provides a versatile seating option that can be customized to suit the overall ceremony theme and decor.

5. Embroidered Cushions

Adding embroidered cushions to your haldi decor adds a unique aesthetic to the ambience. If you love embroidery, you can create these cushion covers at home and create as many as you want. These cushions create a lovely seating option for the Haldi ceremony. 

For this handmade background haldi ceremony decoration idea, you can choose the fabric and threads according to your theme and style. 

6. Handmade Candle Holders

For an evening Haldi function, you can add candles and handmade candle holders to your decor. Candles create a warm, inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall ambience of the ceremony. 

For these candles, you can use handmade holders like glass jars, containers, etc., or even ready-made holders available in the market.

7. Selfie Point

Another interesting handmade background Haldi ceremony decoration idea is to create a selfie point at your venue. This can be a budget-friendly option because you have the flexibility to create this selfie point according to your theme and style. 

You can add various props to let the guests enjoy and take beautiful pictures in this pretty corner. 


No matter where your Haldi ceremony is held, we bet it will be a joyful event for you and your loved ones. To add more deets and fun, you can always choose handmade background haldi ceremony decoration ideas to give it a personal touch. 

We hope this blog helps you with unique ideas that you can implement at your Haldi. However, if you are looking for wedding planners who can plan a Haldi function for you, we are just a call away!