Case Decoration Ideas For Your Big Day

When the wedding planners take charge of the decoration, they know how to carry out their job well! The wedding decorations in Jaipur leave no space unattended. Whether you are having a destination wedding or a ceremony at any place in the city, the decor always mesmerizes the beholder!

Outdoor weddings have great scope for decoration as the decorations are not bound with restrictions. However, when there is an indoor wedding, it becomes a tough job for the decorators. With the indoor wedding, along comes few restrictions. The decorators have to work really hard to use each space and make it look mesmerizing. They cannot go over the top and keep it minimal as it will overcrowd the venue.

Venues chosen by the destination wedding planner in India may be some fort or a palace which have lots of staircases. They cannot leave the staircases naked as the cases are a vital part of the palace. Cases decoration is a massive task that has to be done with some observation.

The wedding decorations in Jaipur elegantly decorate the cases from where the bride starts her royal walk. The bride and the groom sometimes walk through the cases hand in hand towards the Mandap. Indoor venues that have staircases are used in many ways to add spark to the wedding.

While decorating the cases, you can follow these impeccable ideas. It will definitely beautify your wedding venue and your guests will not stop talking about the same.

  • Use trails or lilies, orchids, and other elegant flowers to decorate the staircase.

  • Use personalized signboards for the staircase. Destination wedding planners in India try to add a personal touch with all the weddings. They share the stories of the bridegroom with the guests which makes it more special.

  • The decorators use the slateboard to writepersonalized notes on each case that lead the Bridegroom towards the Mandap.

  • Use of neon Led lights with each word written on each light is used to decorate the staircases this day. For example “Just Married” or the name of the bridegroom written on each led that light up as soon as the bride steps on the case.

  • Use of candles on each staircase is the latest trend for case decoration.

  • A combination of glass flower pots with white lilies and candles have been favorite among the wedding decorators these days. This setup adds elegance to the whole setup.

  • Use of wildflowers with green leaves trails is also a great idea to decorate the venue.

  • Lit up the staircases with lanterns that will lighten up the path as the bridegroom head towards tying the auspicious knot.

  • Using minimalistic decorative ideas such as ribbons, balloons and tiny droplet lights also look beautiful.

  • The staircases may be decorated to match the other decorations of the venue, or it can decorate in contrast.

When you are hiring wedding decorators in Jaipur, they exactly know the newest trends to decorate the staircases. Cases can be one of the perfect elements of your reception venue if it is decorated well.