Explore the Destination Wedding Cost at ROYAL RETREAT UDAIPUR

The Royal Retreat Resort & Spa is a popular destination wedding venue in Udaipur that can make your wedding grand and Memorable. The Royal Retreat Resort and Spa is located in the heart of Lake City Udaipur.

This stunning wedding venue in Udaipur is a unique mixture of beautiful nature, luxury accommodations, and authentic Rajasthani Cuisine. Royal Retreat has ancient Rajasthani architecture that will make you stay even grander than you ever imagined.

Royal Retreat has a choice of 9 outdoor and Indoor Venues. Indian weddings are considered one of life's most special events, not only for the bride and groom but also for the families and their loved ones. The Royal Retreat has all the specialties to make your wedding day more special with all the luxurious amenities. 


This royal destination wedding venue, Udaipur, may cost between 50-60 lakhs for a guest list of 200 people, which includes Accommodation, Meals, and Decor.


Royal Retreat Resort and Spa Udaipur has every luxury to make your dream wedding a reality. This wedding venue has 80 rooms where we can accommodate 200 guests. Here at Royal Retreat Resort and Spa, we have a good choice of rooms, from the options available like Super Deluxe, Queen's Room, and King's Room. Of the 80 rooms, 40 rooms have double occupancy, and the other 40 have triple occupancy.

The cost of the Room here is INR. 6,500 per night, in which breakfast is included. Extra beds per Room will be charged at INR. 2000 per bed per night, in which breakfast is included.

The total cost for 40 rooms on double occupancy for 80 guests for 2 nights will be INR. 5,20,000. And to felicitate the remaining 120 guests in the other 40 rooms on triple occupancy for 2 nights will be INR. 6,80,000. This makes the total cost of accommodation INR. 12,00,000( GST is not included)  for two days for a royal wedding at the Royal Retreat Resort and Spa, Udaipur.


Royal Retreat Resort offers delicious and mouth-watering cuisines that the best chefs prepare. Royal Retreat serves three kinds of meals. High Tea, Lunch, and Dinner

High Tea will bear the price of INR. 450 per person for a day.

Lunch will be served at INR. 1200 per person for a day.

Dinner will cost around INR. 2000 per person a day.

The total cost for High Tea for a guest list of 200 will be INR. 1,80,000, and for lunch, it will cost around INR. 4,80,000, and dinner will be around INR. 8,00,000. Hence, the total cost for meals for 200 guests will be around 14,60,000, excluding GST. 


A great decoration has all the capacity to make your wedding look more grand. Real floral decoration with colorful curtains and the brightest lights can add more Grace to this beautiful wedding venue. Choosing roses and marigolds will make the decoration more elegant.

The Fiestro Team will arrange decor to make your dream day more dreamy and grand. All of our decor designs are unique to fit your destination wedding budget. The set will cost around INR. 15 lakhs 

There are a few other things to add to your budget-

1. LIGHTING- Lighting is very important in enhancing the venue's beauty. Using the Brightest colors of lights will be the best choice.

2. PHOTOGRAPHY- Photographs are the ones that keep the wedding memories alive for a lifetime. Hire a professional photographer and tell them in advance your taste and preferences. Cinematic photography is in trend these days. Ask your photographer to take cinematic photos and videos.

3. Hair and Make-up Artist -  It is advisable to make a prior appointment with a hair and make-up artist and tell them in advance about your desired look. 

4. SOUND AND DJ SETUP- A great sound and DJ Setup can make the guests enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

5. LED- Well-designed LED arrays look amazing and work out of charms for your wedding decor.

Why Udaipur is the Best Choice for Destination Wedding

The above blog is a detailed summary of the cost of a destination wedding in Royal Retreat Resort and Spa Udaipur. Royal Retreat Resort and Spa is a great choice for destination weddings in Udaipur, having all the luxurious amenities and royal aura. FIESTRO EVENTS will make your dream wedding more dreamy with their experience and expertise. Contact us for more details.