Exploring the Cost of a JaiBagh Palace Wedding

Jaibagh Palace is situated 5km away from Delhi Road and is surrounded by nature, trees, forests, hills, and villages. It is located near the Aravalli Hills, giving it a beautiful look. It is 9.5 km away from Amber Fort in Jaipur. It has a swimming pool, a fitness centre, private parking, and a garden influence, which amazes and attracts guests.

24-hour service is provided to the guests here. The property is near Jaipur airport, 21 miles from the hotel, and offers a paid airport shuttle service.

Why is Jaibagh So Famous For Destination weddings?

One of the hallmarks of a grand wedding is regality and beauty, and Jaibagh Palace delivers both qualities in the finest manner possible. The hotel can accommodate around 1400 guests with ease. Its architecture blooms with rich cultural heritage and ambience views that will swoon you away. The multi-cuisine restaurant serves lip-smacking food, Rajasthani Ghevar or Italian pizza. The professional chef here can make all the dishes to the guest's liking.

The hotel boasts stunning event spaces with beautiful interiors and exteriors that add love and romantic feelings to your wedding bonanza. It also has exuberant pools and gyms, so you don't break out of your daily routine and enjoy nature.

The Jaibagh Palace has 64 AC-equipped rooms with a heritage ambience. The rooms are divided into 26 luxury rooms and 34 heritage rooms. You take your pick and choose the royal experience that you want in your life.

The hotel provides different services to make your wedding memorable. These services include in-house catering, decor, and customized menu services.

The Jaibagh Palace is a beautiful wedding destination in Jaipur. Its huge lawns can accommodate a large crowd. The rooms were an ornate reflection of Jaipur and its culture while being fairly modern at the same time. The bathrooms are huge. My favourite part of the hotel is the private spaces outside each room.

At wedding ceremonies, they generally prefer to keep a buffet, which the clients ideally choose. In addition to a full-course meal, you can pick delicious delights and savoury snacks to add flavour to your hearty celebration.

Considering the current situation, we cater to pre-plated and live counters generally preferred by couples. However, the choice is yours.

Why You Need to Consider This as Your Destination Wedding Venue

Many brides want to feel like princesses on their wedding day.

If you are thinking of a destination wedding in India set at a palace or a heritage hotel, do not look beyond the gorgeous Jaibagh Palace in Jaipur.

Many of you want a wedding that looks and feels impressive. For that, we doubt we can exaggerate the virtues of the Jaibagh Palace! The rooms here give off the look of a barbeque, and we are thinking of no one else.

The interior design of this place is beautiful and striking, with the popular Indo-Saracenic architecture that is synonymous with the rich heritage of Rajasthan.

The best part of the hotel is that it offers multiple spaces spread across areas of the property. You can choose any of them according to the number of guests you are hosting and the vibe you want for the wedding. You can select the pool for a pool party, the open grounds, or the banquet hall as the location to host the wedding.

The most important thing is the hospitality, which transforms even an ordinary wedding into a grand wedding. Hospitality services make any function memorable for the guests. It has an expert panel of staff with multiple years of experience. They cater to all the bride and groom's needs across all fronts throughout your stay. Jaibagh has rooms with different features.

You can choose from any of the 26 luxury rooms, 34 heritage rooms, 1 Maharaja Suite, and 2 Royal Suites. All the rooms offer the perfect blend of modern amenities and centuries-old architecture.

We feel the connection of past and present here, which is great to tune into when you're getting married. 20–1400 guests can comfortably come here; this is a good venue for small and large functions.

The most important thing is the decoration of the wedding's main house. Jaibagh Palace is known for the destination wedding of Jaipur; its in-house team takes care of all the decorations.

What does jaibagh destination wedding cost?

Regarding catering, the average cost comes to ₹ 1100–1300 per plate, depending on what kind of food you are opting for. The rooms cost ₹ 8,000–10,000 per room, depending on the type of room you choose. The décor of the wedding is subjective, and hence, the price varies with each wedding.

Jaibagh Palace is one of those heritage hotels that can host a dream wedding destination at affordable prices. When it comes to the big, fat Indian wedding, what's better than hosting a memorable wedding at one of the most opulent palaces in Rajasthan.