Forget Your Worries By Hiring Wedding Planners

Weddings are a joyous occasion where the bride and groom are gleaming and the entire family is delighted on the occasion. But on looking closely, we can find a few people who are not enjoying themselves as much as others. We can see them breaking into nervous sweat even at the slightest sign of disturbance. That person is usually the wedding planner whose only job is to make the glorious wedding day run smoothly. There is an adrenaline rush of pulling off an entire wedding without a hitch, for the wedding planner with a little paranoia and little of bliss. There are many best Indian Wedding Planners who work efficiently in making a wedding occasion successful.

Wedding planning industry is a lucrative business with amazing profits for the certified wedding planners. A wedding planner is usually a professional who assists in the design, plans, and management of their client’s wedding. Wedding are significant events in everyone’s life irrespective of where they lived and what they do. It is a universal event occurring in everyone’s life and couples these days are willing to send money to have their wedding well organized. They are specially hired by those working couples who work for long hours and have no spare time to organize the events and manage the wedding venue and suppliers.

Professional wedding planners work worldwide but the wedding planning industry has grown largest in USA, India, China, and Western Europe.

  • DIFFERENT WEDDING PLANNER COURSES: Wedding planner courses are valuable as well as the institute is strict about handing out the certificate. They have precise criteria and if they are not met, certification is not produced. Certificate in Professional wedding course is an intensive program which has been designed to educate students about the best business, various methods of it and techniques to get started in the industry. The groom and have the skills of a young enthusiastic individual who is interested to venture on the field of wedding planning.



    • A wedding planner provides services including:

    • Interviewing the couples and their parents to find out the need, requirements, and expectations

    • Preparation of total budget

    • Design and style of wedding event

    • Scouting different locations

    • Photoshoot

    • Planning a complete detailed checklist

    • Preparing the list of guests to be invited by discussing with the couples and their parents

    • Identification of the venue for the main wedding day and the pre-wedding events- hotels, party house, church, temple etc.

    • To make contracts with wedding professionals and service providers – Suppliers, Photographers, Videographers, Make-up artist, Florist, Caterer for sweet, buffet and drinks.

    • Coordination of the various services on the day of the wedding

    • Create a back-up plan in case of disaster or malfunction

    • Prepare legal documents- mainly for destination weddings

    • Create a layout of the events


  • COST INVOLVED IN WEDDING PLANNING EVENTS: There are many best Indian Wedding Planners with a cost of between Rupees 2 to 6 + Lakh. The cost mainly depends on the popularity of the company. It also depends on the budget and the destination or the venues chosen for the wedding, this cost is the wedding planner fee and doesn’t include the wedding decor and other things.

  • It is advisable to hire a wedding planner for about 5 to 6 months before the wedding date.

  • The wedding planner needs proper time for perfect arrangements, guest management team works all around the clock to give a special touch on the hospitality to the guests. One of the most important roles of the wedding planner is to make travel arrangements. In the destination weddings, travel becomes an important factor for the guests, thus requiring proper management of travels. Many of the best Indian Wedding Planners also provide Sufi Nights, Celebrity performance and family Sangeet. They even manage the gifting ideas.

Choosing a wedding planner can be a difficult job. Before finalizing a wedding planner make sure to research about them online. After thorough research meeting up in person is equally important. When the meeting is scheduled, make sure to ask the important questions about how much experience they have, what are their goals and method of working. The package details should be discussed properly what is not included in the package so that you may get to know about the extra expenditure you might have to.