How Much Does a Wedding at Chunda Palace Udaipur cost

Chunda Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in India which is a cultural icon of the lake City Udaipur. This royal palace has been hosting weddings for ages and in the present scenario it is one of the five-star wedding venues offering best services to couples from all over the world.

Chunda Palace is an attractive luxury resort in the lake City Udaipur. This royal palace is located in the center of the City. Chunda Palace has luxurious, stylish and comfortable accommodations.

The Chunda Palace has been designed by only using natural materials and blending them with Rajasthani tradition. 

This glorious resort is a top choice for destination weddings in the lake City Udaipur as it provides a luxurious setting and lots of practical services.


A marriage at Chunda Palace Udaipur is like no other. Chunda Palace is a luxurious and beautiful wedding venue which has traditional Rajasthani architecture and decoration. When the guests visit Chunda Palace the resort gives them royal vibes.

The Chunda Palace always used to be a venue for royal weddings and now it is a popular choice for bride's and groom's families to have Grand wedding and reception ceremony here. The Chunda Palace gives you the opportunity to have a royal wedding in a luxurious venue. 


The Chunda Palace Udaipur wedding packages are designed in such a way that they fit to your budget and requirements.  Any couple who wants a royal wedding can choose this Palace for their beautiful day.

This royal wedding venue in the lake City Udaipur has 46 rooms and suites and multiple venues for wedding ceremonies.  This Palace offers two packages which depend on the wedding season, the first one is from October to March and the second one is from April to September.

Weddings here for a guest list of 100 persons cost around 30 lacs with 50 rooms and all meals Including breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The total cost of food for a guest list of 200 will cost around 700000 to 1200000 INR. With a guest list of almost 250-300 guests, the total wedding expenses for Chunda Palace Udaipur wedding cost will be around 40-55 lacs excluding GST.

Apart from these expenses for accommodation and food there are several various arrangements in the wedding that should be considered while calculating the Chunda Palace Udaipur wedding cost. 

Here are a few important things which one might add to your final budget.

Wedding Decor- 

1. Mandap- Mandap the place where the vows for lifetime have been exchanged. It should be decorated nicely with real flowers and you can set up your Mandap outside or near the pool and set yourself up for an avant-garde experience.

2. Stage - Stage in any Indian wedding is used for everything. Adoring the stage with a decent look with flowers will make it look decent. Choose from the best options and setting that suits your taste and preferences.

3. Floral Decoration- Floral decoration is very trendy these days decorating the venue with roses, marigolds will make the decoration more elegant and amazing. Choosing roses and lilies is the best option for Floral decoration that will enhance the beauty and aura of the wedding venue.

4. Lighting- Make your wedding a heavenly affair with the prettiest and brightest of lights out there. The right color for lightning is so important. Make sure that the lighting in every area is so perfect that there will be no dead spot.

5. Dance Floor- A great dance floor is a must in every Indian wedding as Indians are more excited about dancing in the wedding more than the wedding . Dance floor should be spacious where guests can enjoy the best.

6. Photography- Photographs are the one that will keep the memories alive for the lifetime. Hire a professional photographer to capture the beautiful Moments for lifetime and the beauty of the Royal palace.

7. Makeup and Hair Artist - Take prior appointments from the Makeup and hair artist and tell them about your desired look in advance in order to avoid any last-minute fuss.

8. Folk Artist- Folk dance can add more grace and charm to the wedding. A performance by the local dance group can keep the guests entertained as well as engaged. In Rajasthan Ghoomar is the folk dance, book folk artist who can perform Ghoomar in the wedding.

9. Sound and DJ Setup- A great sound and DJ Setup can make the guests enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

10. LED- Well-Designed arrays of LEDs look amazing and work out charms for your wedding decor.


Chunda Palace Udaipur will be the great choice for the couple's who are planning a royal destination wedding in the lake City Udaipur.  Chunda Palace is a royal wedding venue that has the capability to make your wedding more classy and Beautiful.

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