Know Destination Wedding cost at Raj Palace Jaipur

The princess Jayendra Kumari Ji owned Raj Palace, a 16th-century Maharaja palace, which she renovated in 1995. Currently known as a "Small Luxury Hotel of the World." It is Jaipur's oldest mansion. It offers wonderful décor, contemporary, premium rooms, and gorgeous architecture.

Raj Palace Situated on Amer Road, this destination wedding venue in Jaipur is close to the city's walled area. The distance from Jaipur International Airport is 14 km, which makes it convenient for visitors arriving from foreign countries or metropolitan cities. Your wedding celebration will be cherished for years to come thanks to the palace's superb atmosphere.

This Rajput wedding venue's grandeur and luxury will give your ideal wedding the feeling of a fairytale that you've always imagined it might. It stands out from the other wedding venues with its magnificent chambers and unique blend of Indian and Western architecture.

The Maharajas of Jaipur lived at this palace. Families from all over the world now call it home as they exchange nuptials in this stunning venue. To ensure that everything runs well and that your guests have a fantastic time during the celebration, you may arrange your destination wedding at Raj Palace.

The approximate cost for a destination wedding at Raj Palace

A wedding that includes 200 guests and takes place at the Raj Palace in Jaipur costs INR 1.5 crores to INR 2 crores or more. We have developed a method to decouple the different expenses related to an event conducted at Raj Palace so that you may plan your wedding at the lovely venue while staying within your budget.

Rooms & Facilities at Raj Palace

With 50 luxurious rooms, Maharaja's Pavilion, and palace suites, Raj Palace welcomes guests with a royal flair. A bar, a fitness facility, and a multi-cuisine restaurant and spa are among the other amenities. The home has lush gardens and lovely green grass as well.

The palace is said to be an example of Rajput architecture. It is regarded as one of Jaipur's most well-liked venues for weddings. It provides guests with a stunning insight into the royals' festive lifestyle.

Entering the beautiful Raj Palace in Jaipur is like traveling back in time to a time of exquisite and regal splendor. Here's a glimpse of the amenities and accommodations that make this venerable hotel the height of luxury:

Luxurious Accommodations: A variety of beautifully furnished suites and rooms, all thoughtfully created to evoke timeless elegance and charm, are available at Raj Palace.

Clients may choose from a variety of accommodation types, including historical suites, presidential suites, historical rooms, and rooms with a heritage theme. Each offers a special blend of contemporary conveniences and ancient Rajasthani architecture.

Historical Interior Design: Visit rooms with wonderful design, antique furnishings, and detailed paintings to experience Rajasthan's rich culture. The interior design of Raj Palace creates an opulent and refined environment by skillfully fusing modern conveniences with historical grandeur.

Modern Facilities: Raj Palace makes sure that visitors may experience the utmost in comfort and convenience along with its ancient charm by providing the newest conveniences. Modern facilities including minibars, LCD TVs, air conditioning, and en suite bathrooms with opulent toiletries are included in every room.

Elegant Dining: Discover the gastronomic delights of the monarchy at the refined eating venues within Raj Palace. There are many options to suit your appetite in the palace's restaurants and dining areas, ranging from foreign cuisine to traditional Rajasthani cuisine.

Recreational Facilities: Visitors seeking a moment of relaxation and renewal may unwind in the hotel's pool area or indulge in body- and mind-soothing spa treatments. Additionally, Raj Palace provides possibilities for cultural immersion through dining experiences, history excursions, and traditional folk music.

Event Spaces: Raj Palace provides an excellent setting for social parties, business gatherings, and weddings. It features expansive gardens, exquisite courtyards, and sophisticated banquet spaces.

The professional group of wedding planners in Jaipur guarantees that every detail of your spectacular party is carried out to the highest standard, including cuisine, décor, entertainment, and logistics.

Heritage Excursions & Tours: Take organized heritage tours and excursions, organized in association with Raj Palace, to learn about Jaipur's rich cultural and historical legacy. See famous locations including City Palace, the Amber Fort, and Hawa Mahal. Alternatively, take trips to neighboring communities and artisan workshops.

Wedding expenses at Raj Palace, Jaipur

An amazing, lavish, and beautiful wedding ceremony might take place on the grounds of Jaipur's Raj Palace. It's critical to comprehend the whole cost of renting this storied historical site for your unforgettable occasion. The following is a list of various wedding expenses you may encounter:

Venue Rental: The biggest expense for your wedding may be renting Raj Palace as the location. The duration of the celebration, the season, and the area of the palace that you would like to use will all have an impact on the cost. The rooms in the palace, such as the grand banquet halls, the sophisticated courtyards, or the lovely gardens, will have varying prices.

Accommodation: Raj Palace provides luxurious accommodations for guests and wedding parties. The cost will depend on a variety of variables, such as the kind of accommodation reserved, the number of nights reserved, and any exclusive deals or discounts for wedding guests. To guarantee that visitors have a pleasurable and unforgettable stay, it is worthwhile to think about blocking off a certain number of guestrooms or suites for them.

Catering: Offer your guests a sumptuous feast that features both international and traditional Rajasthani food. The menu options you choose, the number of guests, and any additional services you want, such as specialty drinks or open bars, will all affect the price per person. To guarantee that your guests have a personalized dining experience, make sure you talk to the catering staff at the venue about your menu preferences and tastes in cuisine.

Decor and floral arrangements: Beautiful décor and flower arrangements are necessary for the magnificent grounds that surround Raj Palace, making it an exquisite backdrop for a wedding. The price will differ depending on several factors, such as the space's dimensions, the intricacy of the décor, and any other unique needs or themes. To realize your concept and stick to your budget, work together with the venue's décor staff or hire a professional wedding decorator.

Entertainment and Miscellaneous Expenses: Incorporate live music, dancing, and entertainment that is tailored to your preferences to create a charming and intimate setting for your wedding. The type of entertainment you choose, the duration of the performances, and any additional equipment or requirements will all affect the cost.

To ensure that your wedding runs well and is something you and your family and friends will remember, be sure to budget for additional costs such as photography or videography, transportation, and wedding-planning services.

Additional Services: In order to create unforgettable recollections for your loved ones and yourself, you might want to think about including other services offered by Raj Palace, such as spa treatments, historical tours, and cultural outings. Even though they could incur additional expenses, these could give your wedding day at Raj Palace a hint of refinement and genuineness.

Other Venues at The Raj Palace

Hall Baithak: The ideal indoor venue for formal, high-level conferences and get-togethers. Up to 150 persons can be accommodated there at once. The hall has contemporary furnishings with power backup, a projection area, and toilets as part of its audio-visual system.

Mehfil Hall: One of the best indoor locations for major gatherings including conferences, business meetings, workshops, seminars, and training sessions. able to accommodate 400–500 people. The area is completely furnished and outfitted.

Diwan-E-Aam:The location is ideal for business meetings, coffee breaks, get-togethers, seminars, and even Hi Tea. It can hold up to 150 persons.

Diwan-E-Khas: a partially outdoor area ideal for conventions and gatherings. You will be in awe of the venue's breathtaking design. It has the capacity to hold 100–200 people at once.

Charbagh: The ideal outdoor setting for fashion displays, gala dinners, wedding receptions, and meals after conferences. It is spacious and features a versatile, well-catered area that can hold 350–600 guests. With its breathtaking view of the castle and all of its intricacies, the lawn is breathtaking.

The Maharanibagh: This cozy and secluded lawn may host private dining in, product launches, breakfast by the pool, meetings receptions, gala dinners, and post-conference lunches. Up to 600 people can be accommodated in the room at once.

Moti Chowk: The hotel's most attractive spot. It's ideal for training sessions, small seminars, and pre-cocktail parties or private meals. White Italian marble was used to create this lovely courtyard, which is really great for visitors. Between 40 and 100 people can stay there at once.

Fountain Courtyard: This open-air marble patio is attached to the nearby Diwan-E-Aam and Kebab Shop, and it functions similarly to an on-site live kitchen for quick cooking. An antique blue ceramic fountain in the middle of the courtyard enhances the allure of this place. Perfect for product launches, brunches, and gala evening barbecue dinners. It can hold one hundred or two hundred people at a time.

Total Wedding cost at Oberoi Raj Vilas, Jaipur

It is feasible to arrange a wedding at a location within Raj Palace if your budget is between INR 1.5 crores and INR 2 crores or more. Destination weddings at Jaipur's Raj Palace are among the personalized wedding packages that fiestro events offer. Get in contact with us right now, and one of our experts will get back to you right away with all the information.