Luxurious Indian Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas For 2024

A gorgeous Mandap decoration plays an important role in setting the tone and theme of the overall wedding. Mandap holds a significant place in Indian weddings as it is a sacred place where a couple ties the knot and begins their forever.

Other than cultural importance, Mandap is a focal point of visual splendour at Indian weddings. You can enhance mandap decoration with intricate details, stunning decoration, and adding different elements.

If you are getting married soon, here is an informative blog about different elements you can add to an Indian wedding Mandap Decoration.

Indian Wedding Mandap Decoration

A gorgeous mandap will elevate your wedding game on so many levels. It is where you will exchange vows, take pheras and tie the knot, so it has to be as beautiful as your love story. If you are looking for mandap decor ideas, we are here to help:

White Beauty

A white mandap is a clever yet classy way to infuse white colour into the wedding. You can choose any white flowers like lilies, roses, orchids, tulips, etc., in your mandap decor. Make sure you use fresh flowers to give a touch of freshness and purity to the event. 

An all-white mandap will serve as a perfect backdrop for the bride and groom wearing bright colour dresses. You can keep the mandap’s height tall to give it an elongated effect while keeping all four sides broadly open.

Floral Mandap

If your wedding venue has a pool, you can set up a mandap by the poolside. You can add other elements like fresh flowers of different colours, leaves, candles, fabric draping, etc., to complete the picture. 

A pool-side mandap looks like a dream due to its gorgeous reflection on the clear water. To enhance the beauty, you can add red roses at the top of the mandap with some white hanging flowers inside it. 

The overall picture will look like something this:

A Temple Style Wedding Mandap

If you have watched the movie 2 States and remember the place where Krish and Ananya got married, you know what we are talking about. If you have a spacious venue, you can plan a temple-style mandap with yellow marigolds, mango tree garlands, bells, diyas, etc.

You can customise such mandap decoration according to your culture and traditions. A temple-style mandap will add to an Indian wedding’s culture and traditions which makes it one of the best mandap decor themes.

Pink Beauty

For a day wedding, you can choose a vibrant colour like Pink or purple, and play with its different shades in the decor. For example, you can use a dark pink shade for the fabric curtains and a pastel shade for the chair, a mix of similar palettes for the rug and a lighter shade for the flowers. 

With fresh flowers, you can use green leaves in the decor. Together all shades will complement each other and the mandap decoration will be on point. 

Gardens By The Bay

If you have a spacious venue and want a unique mandap, you can go with such mandap ideation. You can set up a canopy supported by several large, elegant, pink structures that resemble stylized flower petals. This structure can be adorned with an abundance of pink flowers and greenery, creating a lush and vibrant appearance.

Hanging from the canopy, you can add several ornate chandeliers to add a sense of elegance and soft lighting to the setup. The overall setup will have a romantic vibe that will add four moons the wedding mandap decoration.

Luxurious Hexagonal Mandap

For an open-air night wedding, this hexagonal mandap, adorned with white hanging flowers and chandeliers, is a perfect luxurious mandap for your wedding. You can use a white lattice fence around the mandap to enhance the overall vibe.

To illuminate the space and enhance the grandeur, add bright lights, candles or chandeliers to the setup. For a royal vibe, use vibrant colours with the dominance of red and gold.

Want more ideas for your Indian wedding mandap decoration?

Whether it’s your wedding stage decoration or a mandap decoration, these focal elements of your wedding have to be top-notch. Even with endless ideas and references, your mandap decoration can be personalized according to your style, preferences and culture.

Our team of wedding planners in Jaipur work closely with all the couples to understand their vision for the mandap and create magic on their D-day.

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