Radisson Udaipur Palace Destination wedding cost

radisson blu a royal palace situated south of fateh Sagar Lake, is a perfect destination wedding venue  in udaipur. the radisson blue udaipur  offers a wide variety of events.

this is a popular wedding destination venue that has the most beautiful wedding banquet hall in rajasthan to enjoy a wonderful destination wedding in udaipur. the modern restaurants and the stylish bars are very suitable for events like destination weddings, formal parties and birthday celebrations.

the amazing ambience of the radisson blu will surely give an amazing backdrop for the lovely photographs of the couple and guests. the guests in the hotel will enjoy the spacious parking for the vehicles as well as the transport facilities from the railway station and airport.

Destination Wedding At Radisson Blu Udaipur-

a grand wedding venue situated in udaipur is perfect for both small- and large-scale weddings. the hotel provides great packages for the wedding to make it happen within the budget. the radisson blu udaipur has a suitable wedding hall in rajasthan which has the space for almost 800 people and if one needs more space the ballroom and the fateh sagar lawn can be used to gather 1500 guests at the same time.

this place the radisson blu is easily accessible from airports and railway stations. the lake city is the best choice for any destination wedding and in the lake city radissom blu is the best choice.  if there is a list of 200 to 250 guests the total cost for the radisson blu udaipur will be around 20 lakhs to 70 lakhs.

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Here Is A List Of Few-

mandap, stage,  floral decoration, dance floor, lighting, photography, makeup artists, mehandi artist

wedding decor

With enchanting decor, promote your wedding at the Radisson Udaipur Palace Resort and Spa. Every element screams luxury, from the magnificent lighting to the regal flower arrangements. Allow the breathtaking scenery of Udaipur to complement your love tale, resulting in a sophisticated and charming celebration.

mandap - in indian culture mandap is the most important part of a wedding as in the mandap bride and groom take vows for their lifetime. the main focus in the weddings is on mandap.

decorating the mandap with beautiful flowers pleasant colours and unique lighting will give the mandap an athestic look. choosing light colours for the mandap decoration will give the mandap a royal look. using roses flowers for decoration will be a great choice.

stage - stage in any indian wedding is used for everything and anything. stages are used for dances and other ceremonies like ring ceremonies, jaimala and many more.  giving the stage a decent  look with real flowers will surely make the stage look royal.

stage decoration is as important as mandap as stage is a backdrop for many events in any wedding. decorating the stage with colourful flowers and lights will surely make it look richer and elegant.

dance floor -  the place where the energy of every guest is high as sky. setting up the dance floor according to the convenience and space is must. the dance floor is the place in the venue on which every guest goes once to enjoy the wedding to the fullest that is why choosing the space for the dance floor should be spacous and airy.

floral decoration -  floral decoration is in trend these days. decoration with roses, and marigolds will make the decoration more amazing. decorating the venue with real flowers will enhance the beauty of the venue.

choosing roses and lilies is the best option for the floral decoration. using floral decoration in the jaimala stage will surely be the best decision as most of the pictures of the bride and groom got clicked there.

lighting - lighting is also important as it will make the wedding more beautiful. choosing the right colours for lighting is so important. one can also use lamps for some areas for lighting that will give an athestic look to the photographs and make the venue look more beautiful. make sure that the lighting in every area is so perfect that there will be no dead spot.

photography - photography is also an important thing while planning any wedding whether it is destination wedding or not. photographs are the memories of a lifetime that capture every moment of a wedding. 

pre-booking the photograph and telling him about your preferences will be quite good for both. photographes remain forever with the couples and family for a lifetime. choosing the right photographer within budget is done only when we do pre-booking for the same.

makeup artist - just like choosing the right venue for the wedding, choosing the right makeup artist is also important so it will be good to book the makeup artist earlier   and telling them about your choices in every category will be fine as they already know about your preferences.

before booking any makeup artist one should keep an eye on their makeup from their social media pages so the right makeup artist should be chosen within the right budget and right time.

mehandi artist- mehandi is from one of the sulaah shringar and in indian cultural weddings mehandi is so important. in the current scenario mehandi function is done and in the hands of the bride and groom mehandi is made. booking mehandi artist is as important as booking makeup artist.

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