Wedding Invitation Card Matter in English: A Complete Guide for Wedding

Wedding cards are not just a medium for inviting guests to your special day; they go beyond that. If you are looking for a wedding invitation card matter in English that sets the tone, conveys important information to the guests, and reflects your style and wedding theme, this is the right guide.

Now that you have finalised the design and colour of your wedding card, it’s time to decide on its content. Read our entire guide on Indian wedding card matter in English to get some amazing ideas.

Significance of Wedding Invitation Card Message

Wedding Invitations are more than just cards to invite guests to your wedding. They serve their purpose effectively when well-designed and well-written. The first step is to finalise a wedding card, including its design, colors, and theme. Once this is done, the printing house/company will play a crucial role, as they will ask you to provide the sample matter that you want on the wedding card.

Now, if you have decided that you want your wedding invitation card matter in English, then you can start by jotting down important information. If the essential details about the time, venue, and even names are correct, there is no chaos in the future. 

Basic Structure of Wedding Invitation Cards

There is no fixed structure for a wedding invitation card. You can decide what you want to include first and go with your preferences. However, in most usual cases, the wedding invitation card structure comprises:

1. The First Line/Host Line

This can begin with the couple’s name or even the names of the parents/grandparents that begin the invitation. For example, 

Mr Vivek and Mrs Sudha Pandey request your lovely presence at the wedding of their beloved daughter,

Mr. and Mrs. Bajaj cordially invite you to celebrate the marriage of their son,

With great joy, Mr. and Mrs. Sharma request the honour of your presence at the wedding of their son, 

There are endless possibilities with which to begin your invitation. You can use these examples or make your own!

2. Couple Names

Next, it’s time to add the couple’s names after the host line. The first name will be the name of the partner from whose side the invitation is from. For example, if you are the bride and this is your wedding invitation card, then,

With great joy, Mr. and Mrs. Bhatiya request the honour of your presence to celebrate the love story of

Radha Bhatiya


Shubham Bajaj

As they embark on the beautiful journey of marriage!

3. Date, Time and Venue

These three details are crucial, and make sure that they are accurate. Any mistake or typing error in these details might lead to confusion. 

You can add these details based on the structure of your pre-selected wedding card. For example,

We request your esteemed presence at the wedding ceremony of our beloved son,




On 9th December 2024


The Leela Palace, Udaipur


The Bajaj Family whole-heartedly invites you and your family to the magical wedding of our lovely daughter,




Date: 29th December, 2024

Time: 8 PM Onwards

Venue: ITC Mementos, Jaipur

When the invitation printing company shows you the first printed sample, ensure these details are correct. If there are any mistakes, make sure they correct them on the spot.

4. Replace RSPV with “Warm Regards”

RSVP is a French term that means confirming the presence by responding to the invitation. However, this term is flawed in India and is used to write the names of the attendees/ extended family members.

You can end the card with Warm Regards or With Love instead. You can add the names of all the family members you think are important. However, if you want to keep the wedding card in English crisp, skip additional information.

5. Stick to your Theme/ Idea

The wedding invitation message depends significantly on the card’s style, theme, and design. For example, if you want to showcase your love story and you guys met on the invitation card, you will have to decide the written content for it.

Similarly, the above examples can be used if you want a basic, elegant card with just the important information.

Tips For Flawless Indian Wedding Card Matter In English

Now you know the drill, but here are some tips to keep in mind to make this process smooth and error-free. These tips include:

1. Decide the theme of your wedding card: will it be traditional, formal, modern, casual or themed? Once this is done, you can decide the tone of the message accordingly.

2. Be clear, concise and crisp: Ensure the message is clear and avoid using ambiguous language.

3. No room for grammar or Spelling Mistakes: Even a simple punctuation or spelling error can change the context of a sentence and can hurt someone’s sentiment. (For example, mistakenly adding Late. in front of the name of a still-alive relative.)

4. Add Personal touches: A personal touch to a wedding card will make the invitation unique and lovely.

5. Avoid overloading information: A card with too much text looks dull, and nobody will read it. Keep it short and exciting.

6. Final changes before printing: Ensure there are zero errors in the message before it goes for final printing.

Wedding Invitation Card Samples

Here are some examples you can copy-paste:

1. The [SURNAME] Family whole-heartedly invites you and your family to the magical wedding functions of our lovely daughter/son,




Wedding Events:

Hues Of Yellow (Haldi Ceremony)




Dress Code: Yellow

Mehendi Night (Mehendi Ceremony)




Dress Code: Glam Outfits

Wedding Reception




2. With great joy and pleasure, Mr. and Mrs. Bhatiya request the honour of your presence to celebrate the love story of

Radha Bhatiya


Shubham Bajaj

as they embark on the beautiful journey of marriage!

Join us and shower your blessing on the couples in the following events:

With Love,

Bhatiya Family


Wedding invitation cards are an essential element of a wedding. Whether it’s a physical card or an E-Wedding card, the message on it plays a crucial role.

If you or someone you know is getting married soon, our above complete guide on wedding card matter in English will be helpful.

If you are still confused or looking for fresh ideas, contact our experts today!