Why Fiestro Events is the Best Wedding Planner in jaipur

fiestro events has been working as a wedding planner for many years. His work has got a lot of respect and many people want to arrange such weddings. Udaipur city is considered the main destination for wedding. fiestro events's work is known for his creativity,his work is also famous in other countries, he arranges wedding functions according to the satisfaction of the clients.

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What is special in destination wedding?

When it comes to wedding planning arrangement designing excitement, they offer great things to their clients. From weddings to traditional rituals, all their arrangements are so good that they give a good experience to the clients.

A lot of panning is done to ensure that the budget is presented to the client in accordance with the requirements and tastes. According to the preferences of clients and our inputs we provide them the best venues for ceremonies, parties, functions.

They suggest the best caterers to their clients, suggest menu planning, create signature dishes and beverages according to the guest's profile and suit the occasion.

Whether you want a traditional ceremony or something contemporary, they conceptualize beautiful themes for each event. 

Beginning with wedding invites to decor & catering, right down to thematic menu cards and coordinated stewards, we can design it all for you.

They can plan and design a wedding for you anywhere across the world. Whether it be on the banks of the Bosphorus or a vineyard in France, our wedding planners will make it happen for you.

100+ weddings in Udaipur, Goa, Kerela, Thailand and Dubai is your true mate in Udaipur for your wedding planning.

Everyone dreams of a destination wedding. Udaipur is a land of kings and queens; there is something about the place which adds to the glory of marriage. The majestic forts, royal palaces, beautiful lakes and the picturesque dunes, just make a wedding heavenly.

Why people hire fiestro events for destination wedding?

1. Location

The location of your wedding should be planned accordingly. The royal wedding planner in Udaipur makes it sure that whatever location you choose for your wedding, it should be in sync with how you want your wedding to be carried out, the chain of events that follows and the arrangements required for your dream to come true. Choice of location should be done according to your wedding budget.

2. Accommodation

Guest size will decide the accommodation preferences. Some palaces do not provide the accommodation for your guests; hence you will need a hotel for your guests which are located in the close proximity of the wedding venue. The wedding venue and accommodation will make your 50% of the cost. There are 5-star heritage hotels, 5-star hotels, and the hotels of your choice for your different types of guests.

3. Catering Costs

The type of cuisine you choose will affect your cost accounting of the wedding. The buffet system in India is very much prominent. It will cost Rs 2500- Rs 4000 per person in a 5-star hotel and around Rs 800- Rs 1000 in a 4-star hotel. The hotels lower than this would not be justified with a destination wedding.

4. Décor costs

The mandap decoration is the most alluring task of a destination wedding planner in jaipur. The lighting and the floral arrangement requires a large sum of your money. Many Palaces don’t allow outside decorators. Generally, wedding décor may cost between Rs 6,00,000 - Rs. 15,00,000. However, if you desire something unique and splendid, it may cost you above Rs 15 lakhs.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

fiestro events's wedding clients have chosen it because it is very trust worthy and thoughtful, people don't even have to think second, everyone thinks this is the best choice for everyone, food and decor is most important in us, they nailed it. The guests do not lose sight of their decorations; so many memories are created for them.