Invitation Designing and Distribution

The wedding invitation is the showcase of wedding plans and standards. It is very first personalized communication to inform and invite a guest. As weddings are going trendy, the wedding invitations are also getting more importance to be equally trendy. Our wedding event management experts help you – finalize the guest list, buy the best wedding invitation card, preparing a database of guests with listing of personalized choices, manage daytime and evening invitations, confirm the receiving of invitation, tapping the guests to confirm their arrival and manage their stay etc.

Wedding Invitations: Being a host, one has to send invitation cards to the guest for the very special day of your life

We all know how difficult it is keeping track of your guest list and who you need to send invitations as well as managing the replies, which is why we offer our Invitation and RSVP Management package so that's one less thing for you to worry about. Our invitation and RSVP management package includes:

  Complimentary consultation to discuss your guest list..

 A master list of all guests.

  Mailing of all your evening and daytime invitations..

  Detailed database of all guests, confirming all rsvp's, dietary requirements, menu choices, if required and final numbers.

  Regular updates for the bride and groom on guest numbers..

  Chasing non replies.

  Supplying final numbers, dietary requirements and menu choices to the venue.

  We will also be point of contact for your guests if they require travel or accommodation details of your wedding venue