How Much does Aurika Udaipur Wedding Cost

If you are planning a destination wedding in the lake city Udaipur, the Aurika Hotel is one of the best wedding venues in Udaipur to consider. The Aurika Hotel is a luxurious hotel located on the mountain's summit in the heart of Udaipur's city lakes. In recent years, Aurika has emerged as the top choice for contemporary couples. The location is easily accessible via railways, roads, and air. It is a popular tourist destination, and the hotel is close to Maharana Pratap Airport. If you have ever wanted to have an enchanting wedding, this could be the perfect venue. This venue is an excellent choice for wedding guests due to its royal atmosphere and cutting-edge, modern amenities.

From customizable catering for guests to exquisitely decorated room layouts, the Aurika Hotel has everything that you need to satisfy your particular requirements for your wedding. An experienced wedding planner in Udaipur will assist you with everything you need to arrange your dream wedding in this stunning location, such as Aurika Resort Udaipur pricing, venues, and wedding packages. The hotel offers all the modern facilities, so you can relax after a tiring day with spa facilities in the hotel, ideal for the health-conscious. Aurika boasts a fully-equipped gym as well as a library for book enthusiasts. The hotel has a huge library and an activity space.

Aurika Udaipur Destination Wedding Cost

The Aurika Udaipur wedding cost is a rough estimate for your dream royal location wedding at Aurika. Choose the Aurika wedding package that best suits your wedding expectations and theme. Aurika has more than 2,000 square feet of banquet, meeting, and event space, including the pillar-less ballroom Ekaara, the 5000 square foot Ekaara Courtyard, and the 3000 square foot boardroom with a terrace Aurum. The package typically includes a variety of new amenities, such as decor, food and drinks, entertainment, hotel accommodations, and sound and light. 

Aurika Wedding Package

Aurika Wedding venue is a luxurious property in Lake City. The venue has grown over the years to become one of the most sought-after wedding venues for current couples as well as tourists on vacation. Everything for your big day is included in the Aurika Wedding Package, including décor, cuisine, entertainment, and lodging. Our skilled group of wedding planners will help you personalize every aspect to match your vision and style. Enjoy delicious food prepared by our culinary specialists, unwind in opulent lodging, and treat yourself to spa services. Your dream wedding may come true with the Aurika Wedding Package.

Cost of Destination Wedding at Aurika Hotel, Udaipur

A wedding at the Aurika Hotel in Udaipur will cost between R. 50 and 80 lakhs for a two-day event with 250 to 300 guests, including accommodation, food, and location. All additional arrangements that must be made are discussed beforehand, and prices are determined accordingly.

Food Expenses

Catering at the Aurika Hotel in Udaipur offers the best selection, with their culinary staff serving delicious meals and tailoring the menu to the themes of your event and the guests' preferences. Ariva and Mirasa, the hotel's multicuisine dining options, are open 24 hours a day and cater to your culinary needs. The cost of meals per guest for a group of 200 to 250 guests ranges between Rs 1200 and 1200, plus GST 18% per dish for dinner and lunch. Furthermore, hotel rules prohibit any outside catering company from serving food inside the facility.

Venue Charges

Aurika Hotels has one of the largest banquet capacities in the city, with Aurika's pillarless banquet measuring 500 square meters. Ekaara is a venue that can comfortably accommodate guests while feeling spacious. Aurika's venues are well-maintained and equipped with all of the luxurious amenities required to ensure that your events run smoothly. They can host 500 or more guests in any given time during an event. In addition, two other venues are available, including the Ekaaya Courtyard, which measures 465 square meters. In addition, the Aurum Boardroom has 280 square meters of carpet. If you book a two-day wedding package, there will be no additional charge for the space.

Other costs for Destination Weddings at Aurika Hotel, Udaipur

1 Wedding Decor:

Decor plays an important role in creating a new ambiance in the space, and Aurika Hotel is no exception. The decor transforms barren areas into event venues, adding life to the celebration. Because of the importance of having appropriate décor, this must be carefully considered and decided upon. Team Fiestro Events provides holistic decor packages that start at around Rs. 10,00,000. This can be increased based on your preferences.

2 Makeup & Mehendi Cost:

For the perfect look for our lovely bride and handsome groom, as well as their lovely family members. Fiestro Events carefully recommends makeup artists in the region who best meet your needs. With so many renowned makeup artists located in Udaipur to select from, we guarantee you don't have something to be worried about.

3 Photographer:

The photographer we choose to hire is our wedding photographer, to put it simply. One person who allows us to capture endless images as well as take on the burden of protecting our memories with their ongoing efforts. They're there right from the moment we first meet until the final steps and we will never be able to say enough thanks to them. To create your journey to be an experience that is beautiful in every way We connect you to professional wedding photographers who are top of the line as well as their team of photographers who charge approximately Rs 50,000 to Rs 5,00,000.

4 Artist and Entertainment Charges:

The "x" factor in the wedding is its entertaining element. Although everything else can be the same, from events in food to customs to decorations, the one element that makes you stand out and ignites the fire is the level of entertainment, as well as the satisfaction index that your guest. We recognize the importance of this and will offer the top entertainers that are within your budget.

5 Agency Expense:

There are a variety of companies for weddings, including caterers, light music, tents, DJ, and many more. They can add up to around 10% of your wedding's total cost.


If you're looking for a fantasy wedding venue in Udaipur, the Aurika Hotel is a great option because of its regal setting, contemporary conveniences, and flawless service. Couples may make their ideal wedding at this stunning location a reality by being aware of the numerous fees involved and tailoring services to their preferences. Set off on a romantic trip and make lifelong memories with the Aurika Hotel as your backdrop.