How Much Does Ramada Udaipur destination Wedding Cost

Ramada Resort & Spa Udaipur is one of the top destination wedding venues in Lake City, Udaipur, spread over 6.6 acres of undulating land. Ramada Udaipur has 72 multi-tiered guest rooms combined with modern amenities. It also has a central courtyard with a large swimming pool and a bunch of gardens, making it a romantic place for destination weddings in Udaipur. Ramada Udaipur is the perfect lake-view hotel and resort for destination weddings in Udaipur.

Ramada Udaipur has ample space for small and large gatherings, adding allure to the most important day of your life. At Ramada Resort and Spa, you will find a perfect blend of traditional values and modern designs.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Udaipur, Ramada Resort and Spa is the best option, having all the luxurious facilities with indoor and outdoor wedding venues, including resort lawns, courtyards, terraces, and conference halls. Ramada Resort and Spa also allows you to celebrate your big day with poolside and exclusive dining venues with large spaces to organize the wedding ceremonies.


Ramada Resort Udaipur is a destination wedding venue in the lake city of Udaipur, which will make your royal wedding exquisitely memorable. To know the approximate Ramada Udaipur wedding cost for your destination wedding, Ramada Udaipur provides:

1. Outdoor and Indoor Venues.

2. Gardens

3. A Central Courtyard.

The cost of a destination wedding in RAMADA UDAIPUR differs for every vital service and amenity. With a guest list of around 200–250 people, the total expenses for Ramada Udaipur's wedding will be 30 lakh–60 lakh.

Here are a few essential things that could add to your final budget.

Wedding Decor- 

1. Mandap: Mandap is where the couple exchange vows for a lifetime. It should be decorated nicely with real flowers, and you can set up your Mandap outside or near the pool.

2. Stage: The stage in any Indian wedding is used for everything. Adoring the stage with a decent look with flowers will make it look amazing. Choose from the best options and settings that suit your taste and preferences.

3. Floral Decoration: Floral decoration is very trendy these days. Decorating the venue with roses and marigolds will make the decoration more elegant and unique. Choosing roses and lilies is the best option for floral decoration to enhance the wedding venue's beauty and aura. 

4. Lighting: Make your wedding a heavenly affair with the prettiest and brightest colours of lights out there. The correct colour for lightning is so essential. Ensure that the lighting in every area is so perfect that there will be no dead spots.

5. Dance Floor: An excellent dance floor is a must in every Indian wedding, as Indians are more excited about dancing than at the wedding. The dance floor should be spacious so guests can enjoy it the best.

6. Photography: Photographs are the ones that will keep the memories alive for a lifetime. Hire a professional photographer to capture the beautiful moments for a lifetime and the beauty of the luxurious palace.

7. Makeup and Hair Artist: Take prior appointments with the makeup and hair artist and tell them about your desired look to avoid any last-minute fuss.

8. Folk Artist: Folk dance can add grace and charm to the wedding. A performance by the local dance group can keep the guests entertained and engaged. In Rajasthan, Ghoomar is a folk dance—book folk artists who can perform Ghoomar at weddings.

9. Sound and DJ Setup: A great sound and DJ setup can make the guests enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

10. LED: Well-designed arrays of LEDs look excellent and work out charms for your wedding decor.

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