Shlok and Kit's Wedding at Samode Palace Jaipur

Love knows no boundaries; it can spark between anyone, anywhere, at any time. Shlok Karajgi, an Indian situated in the USA found her soulmate in Kit Kirby. Little did they know they would cross paths one day and decide to grow old together. 

The couple recently married in India, as Shlok, the groom’s nanihal is based in India. Their wedding, especially their Haldi was nothing less than a fairytale. Let’s delve into the details of their different wedding functions like Haldi, Mehendi, and Wedding.

Phoolon Ki Holi: Haldi Ceremony

Shlok and Kit’s Haldi was an absolute hit, brimming with vibrant colours and joyous laughter. All of their wedding events were held at one of the amazing venues; the Hotel Samode Palace Jaipur. 

As their wedding planners, we transformed the venue into a picturesque setting, with handmade background haldi ceremony decoration ideas. 

The highlight of the event was their background haldi ceremony decoration. As their event planners in Jaipur, we ensured we included all the natural and handmade elements in their haldi decor.

About the above picture, we included large banana trees as the backdrop for their Haldi celebration to add a touch of natural beauty and rustic charm to the setting. The lush green banana tree leaves created a tropical ambience, evoking a sense of tranquillity. Additionally, banana trees are considered auspicious in Indian culture, symbolising prosperity, fertility, and growth, which align well with the blessings sought during the Haldi ceremony.

We also added fresh white and yellow flowers in their handmade background haldi ceremony decoration. Flowers, banana trees and other little decor elements served as a stunning backdrop for photographs and videos, capturing precious moments. 

Fresh Flowers? Yes, Please.